If You Can Change Just One Bad Diet Habit And Maintain That Change For 30 Days Then You Can Lose Weight Permanently

The Habits Diet

Independent research shows that the only way to lose weight permanently is by changing your eating habits…..

And I’m going to help you get started identifying just one of your bad eating habits and then show you a way to change that habit in a manner that will help you lose those extra pounds that have been frustrating you for so long…..

From The Desk Of: Richard G Gunstone – The Habits Coach

Re: The Habits Diet Program – a new and unique approach to weight loss.

Has losing weight been a big challenge for you in the past?

Have you ever looked at the vast list of diets out there and wondered which one was right for you?

Are you hoping that this time you can find a diet that would help you to achieve PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS?

Success in the case of diets is measured by the percentage of people who, 12 months after going on the diet, have lost weight and kept it off. Unfortunately the figure is very low – less than 10%.

The reason for this low success rate is that without a sustainable change in eating habits, as soon as the diet ends and the dieter goes back to “eating normally” then the weight goes straight back on again – perhaps plus a little!!

Does that sound familiar to YOU?

What are the difficulties that occur with so many of the well known programs?

Here are just a sample of the thoughts on the challenges of diets……

5 Reasons Why Traditional Diets Can Let You Down

  • Unrealistic Expectations: Many diets are promoted with claims of massive weight loss in the minimum amount of time. These claims frequently result in you starting with unrealistic goals and expectations and when they are not achieved it has a negative impact on your ability to persist with the diet.
  • Change Too Dramatic: The change that is required in so many diets is far too dramatic. It can have such an impact on your life. Often ‘the mountain’ is far too big to climb and sustain. So what happens is that early into the diet you start to slide backwards.
  • Missing The Foods You Like: This is the classic. We all have our favorite foods and being deprived of them completely can be very difficult. What is your body going to do in this situation – it’s going to crave for those favorite foods even more. But you don’t always have to give up all those foods completely!
  • Lifestyle Changes: Going on a diet often means a major shift in eating strategy and this can have a knock on effect on your lifestyle. The most noticeable can be to the family meals and your social life and these can be very negative changes.
  • Weight Loss Not Permanent: If you accept that weight loss is not permanent – and the majority of publicity around so many diets tells you this – then you are not surprised when you hit your target weight and ‘stop the diet’ that you regain the weight you’ve lost. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Section 2 of The Habits Diet Program discusses 30 reasons why so many fail at dieting. With this knowledge it can help you to understand what is required of any diet that is going to bring you long term success

So, if these challenges are reducing the chances of success with “traditional” diets – then what is the answer? Well I’m glad that you asked…..

To expand on my opening statement above…..

“Any diet that does not include a strategy of improving the overall eating habits of the dieter is never going to result in medium or long term success with regards to permanent weight loss. Without the required habit changes there would always be the problem of sliding back and adding back the weight that has been lost – plus a little.”

With The Habits Diet Program you will be addressing your eating habits – it is essential that some of these are changed in order to achieve success – and permanent weight loss.

The Habits Diet Program is designed to give you belief in your own ability to lose weight permanently – THIS TIME – here are just a few examples…

  • No False Claims: I want you to be realistic about losing weight – in terms of the rate at which you can lose weight. If you start off with sensible, workable expectations in all areas of your new diet then we will be removing the risk of early disappointment. Disappointment that so often leads to dieters sliding backwards and eventually giving up all together.
  • Gradual Start: The last thing you need is a major shock to your metabolism by introducing too many changes at the outset. The Habits Diet Program will show you how to start gradually with small sustainable changes to your eating habits and then, once a change is firmly in place you will move onto the next – progressively building on each success. It will be just like building your inner muscle.
  • No Diet Boredom: In most cases you will be modifying you eating habits with regard to the foods that you already eat – ensuring that you are able to continue to have a varied diet. Too many diets demand that you cut out a number of the foods that you need for good health and leave you with a limited choice. That is not the way forward.
  • Permanent Weight Loss: This is probably the most important aspect and benefit of The Habits Diet Program – achieving this missing element of so many diets.
  • Progressive Change: The Habits Diet Program will show you how to change your eating habits progressively – and as a consequence you will lose weight. You will be given a system to make these habit changes permanent – as will be the weight loss.
  • Understanding Food Combinations:Just one of the aspects of eating habits that came out of my research is the impact of ‘food combinations’ – I’m talking of a wide range of combinations. I am not talking about the old idea of not mixing proteins and carbohydrates. You will be amazed how we allow ourselves to drop into certain ‘food combinations’. Change the ‘food combinations’ and the effect can be dramatic.

I was at least 15 pounds overweight – not a massive problem, but enough. I’d tried a number of diets and got to my target weight on a couple of occasions, but the pounds always seemed to creep back on again. Then I purchased Get The Weight Loss Habit and having done my habits’ analysis I decided to focus on the ‘food combinations’ concept. Made my first habit change and after 30 days the change was permanent and so was the weight loss. Then I successfully moved onto more diet habit changes over the following six months. The result was I lost weight, felt fitter and healthier, but most important the weight has stayed off. ~ Robert, London UK ~

Other areas we will be covering in The Habits Diet Program….

  • The impact of eating habits on your weight.
  • Identifying all your eating habits – using The Habits Diet Program Analysis Chart.
  • Recognizing ‘food combinations’ – where many start their habit changes.
  • Selecting the first eating habit change.
  • How you change your eating habits.
  • How to set correct goals for weight loss.
  • Ways to ensure a varied and interesting diet.
  • How to build on the success of your first habit change.
  • Re-defining ‘Your Weight Point’.
  • Ensuring a healthier diet

What will you find in The Habits Diet Program that will help you to lose those extra pounds permanently…..

1. How Habits Direct And Control Our Lives: It is generally accepted that habits control 90% of our daily activities – not just diets. We are going to look at how these habits are acquired and where we tend to acquire them from. Then you can use this information to bring about changes to your eating habits – changes that will give you the positive results regarding weight loss that you are looking for.
2. Analyzing Your Own Diet Habits: The Habits Diet Program Analysis Chart will help you to work through your ‘normal day’ – identify and list down your eating habits. From there you will be able to pinpoint the areas which will benefit from habit changes. I’m sure you will find it an eye-opening experience.
3. Developing Your Own Diet Strategy: I will guide you through what is required to make The Habits Diet Program specific to you and to your lifestyle. Explaining exactly what areas you need to address and why. Giving you indications of the end results that you are aiming for.
4. Making The First Habit Change: You will find guidance on selecting your first habit change from your list. How to focus your mind on that change and how to reinforce the change to make it permanent – and as a consequence help you achieve permanent weight loss.
5. Unique #HabitsTip: Throughout the book you will find a series of ‘HabitsTip’ – which will help to focus your thinking and remind you of the important aspects of the diet. Use them as reminders whenever you want to scan read through the information.

Now What Are Your Options

At this point you can bookmark this page and have a think about it…



Get Your Copy Of The Habits Diet Program NOW and Start To Analyze YOUR Diet Habits.

SELECT YOUR FIRST HABIT CHANGE – enjoy the journey of the next 30 Days as that change becomes permanent and as a consequence you will achieve PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS.

The sooner you lose those extra pounds, the fitter you will feel, the healthier you will be, the better you will look. GO FOR IT!

The Risk Is All Mine – just look at the guarantee I’m offering – you have got a full 90 Days to be sure it is right for you.

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*Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her dedication, desire and motivation.

Wishing You Every Success

Ever Onward,

Richard G Gunstone – The Habits Coach

P.S. Don’t miss the opportunity to re-educate yourself. Remember -Take Control of Your Life by Changing Your Habits. Analyze your diet habits with the help of The Habits Diet Program and lose those extra pounds – without restricting your lifestyle.

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