Change Is Always PossibleWhy is it so important to Take Back Control of Your Life ?

Because if you aren’t in control of your life then it most likely means you are handing over control to something or someone else. And that is definitely not a good position to put yourself in.

From my own experience and from conversations I have had with other individuals one of the biggest challenges we can face in life is feeling we don’t have control of our own life.

The expression “taking back” always assumes there was a point when you did feel in control of your life. But if there wasn’t such a time then it is a case of taking control of your life possibly for the first time – ever.


Maybe Life Isn’t Totally Out of Control…

But let’s keep in mind that it is quite possible that your life isn’t totally out of control but more like it’s just certain areas that need to be addressed. And those areas can vary from person to person.

Perhaps you feel totally in control of your finances yet your relationship with your spouse, wider family, friends or colleagues could be quite the opposite.

Or maybe you have great relationships but your health is causing you concern and you can’t find the way change it.

Or you’re fit and healthy but your business or career is totally out of control.

Or any combination thereof.


Possible Effects of Not Being In Control…

This feeling of lack of control in your life is most evident in the way it affects your emotions.

And one of the biggest challenges with your emotions being out of control is that it can have a direct impact on your health and wellbeing – which can be right at the central to your enjoyment of life.

So why does this situation exist?

The reason it happens is because we all have the tendency, often without realizing, to run our days, in fact our life, on Auto-Pilot.

Into our Internal Auto-Pilot we have fed coordinates, normally based on past events, in the form of routines and rituals, together with responses and reactions to situations and circumstances, which collectively have created patterns in our lives, which are more commonly referred to as our habits.

Some of these are good habits that move us forward in life, and that is when we feel in control.

But others are bad habits and actually hold us back and result in the feeling of a lack of control.


Reprogramming You Internal Auto-Pilot…

By working to reprogram your Internal Auto-Pilot through progressive habit changes it enables you to create a happier, healthier, more prosperous and balanced life going forward

Now we have established that taking control is all about having the most beneficial routines or habit pattern then it gives us the potential to change.

But first things first.

The first step is to decide that you want to change. Everyone can change, but without the desire to change then getting off first base is not going to happen.

Then step number two is that you have to believe that you can change.

As I outlined in my free ebook – ‘I Believe I Can’ – the power to change relies on you having positive inner conversations – your internal dialogue, often termed as your inner critic.

Your internal dialogue – and we all have it – is the one that will do its best to maintain the status quo and keep you right where you are at this moment in time – feeling out of control.


I Believe You Can…

Taking all of this into consideration then the most effective way to take back control of our lives is to analyze and identify our habits and then to work on a process to adopt new positive, good habits and to modify or replace bad habits.

That’s the aim of The Habits Coach website, to explore the most effective ways to achieve these habit changes and I invite you to join me on this journey to a happier, healthier, more balanced life.

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“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits
Take Back Control of Your Life”

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