Be AwareAs you’ve probably heard said before, your thoughts have significant control over your life and that, to me, highlights the importance for you to develop the habit of being aware of your thoughts throughout the day.

Through your awareness you will pick up on your thoughts and direct them to what you want to achieve and receive in your life.

This will ensure you are consistently on your chosen path, your journey of life.

Speaking from personal experience it is not unusual for our thoughts to get onto a negative track and then to accelerate out of our control.

But are they out of control or are they actually under the control of the ever-present critical voice that we all appear to have in our head?

However through awareness you take back control and by simple techniques or habits you can flick your thoughts from negative to positive just like switching on a bulb to change from darkness to light in a room.

By being aware you can recognize the potentially negative pictures and movies that you carry in your head that will be based on past events, most likely challenges, in your life.

In actual fact these past events that you are basing your current thoughts on can either be real or imagined events. But by focusing on these past negative issues, then allowing your critical inner voice to magnify them, you are at risk of carrying those challenges of the past into your future.

The way I am suggesting to overcome these negative thoughts based on past images is to plant into your subconscious mind new positive images, both in terms of still images or even better moving images that are like short movies of your own creation.

Once created and visualized on a daily basis they are there to be accessed on demand to overwrite your negative thoughts with exciting new positive thoughts in the form of action movies of the life you wish to be living.

But it all begins with being aware of what is going on with your thoughts and making a conscious decision to flick to the image and life that you really wish to live.


“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits
You Can Take Back Control of Your Life”