happy faceI know this title is a bit of a steal from that great film staring Will Smith but it is what I think we can call a truism for many people in life – much of what we do and what drives us is our own pursuit of happiness.

I feel encouraged when I hear people are searching for happiness in their lives, but at the same time I’m not totally sure that it is the best way to go through life. The main reason being that things you search for you don’t always find.

In fact the use of the word pursuit implies that it is a chase that may not result in the capture of your prey.

In that context how often do you hear people say – I will be happy when… And you can add just about anything onto that sentence.

When I find the perfect partner, when I get married, when I get divorced, when I get a better job, when I retire, when the kids leave home and on and and on and on. There are so many.  Oh and I nearly forgot, when I win the lottery.

So we have established happiness could be a pursuit and it sounds like it is going to be some time in the future.

With this in mind the biggest fear I have for you, if you fit somewhere into this description, is that you may never get to your point of when!

So does that mean that you will go through your life chasing and in search of the illusive when and therefore, perhaps, be sad in the meantime because that is the opposite of happy.

With all that in mind wouldn’t it be better to develop the habit of being happy now. Because you see I truly believe that being happy is a lifestyle choice that you can make right now.

So why not choose at the beginning of each day to be happy and to make that process easier to get into you can start by being grateful for everything you already have in your life.

I’m not suggesting everything is just perfect right now but if you stop to check you may have more to be grateful for than you first thought and if that is that case then why shouldn’t you be happy right now.

Like most things in life being happy is just a habit and one you can very quickly develop if you truly want to.

Give it a try and let me know the outcome and whether it does actually make you feel better.


“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits
You Can Take Back Control of Your Life”