bridge to goalDo you want to make changes in any area of your life going forward? It could be in any one or all of the three cornerstones of life – happiness, health or wealth – if the answer is yes then self-help is the only way you will achieve it. With the emphasis on self!

What do I actually mean by this?

Your journey of life may not be going quite the way you want at the moment and you feel things need to change in order for your life to improve.

But do you have the habit like so many people in your situation of blaming other people and circumstances for your current position and at the same time looking for others to bring about the changes you desperately want.

Well I’m here to let you know that if you are going to wait for someone else or a certain set of events to come along and help you to progress in life then are exhibiting the habit of putting your future in someone else’s hands.

Take control of your life and get into the habit of relying on yourself to make your life come good.

It doesn’t matter how much you read, listen to or watch on the subject of self-help it all comes down to the word self. Until you take action yourself on the information you are absorbing it will have no benefit to you at all.

Nobody else can do it for you – only yourself.

From this point on you must adopt the habit of gathering information and if you can see the benefit for you in it then immediately take action on it while the motivation of the words and ideas are at their greatest.

There is nothing to be gained by the habit of piling information on top of information. It only results in an overload of ideas and confusion as you try to sift back through it all at same later point in time looking for that little nugget that you can half remember but not quite where you put it.

Life is a self-help event and it doesn’t matter whether you are talking about weight loss, fitness, relationships, raising kids, building a business or just being happy and motivated at the end of the day it all relies on you.

I believe this quote by Zig Ziglar sums up the whole problem – ”A message can take a matter of seconds to travel all the way round the world, but it can take years to travel the last half an inch – the distance from your ear to your brain.”

Get into the habit of accepting the responsibility of improving yourself by your own actions, not waiting with the hope of someone else doing it for you. Because it will most likely be a long unproductive wait.


“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits
You Can Take Back Control of Your Life”