iuI don’t know about you but I thought at one time I had been given more than my share of skepticism and up until recently I haven’t been good at recognizing it and dealing with it.

The knock-on effect being, I now believe, that it had been holding me back in life, and preventing me from achieving my dreams and goals.

Skepticism in my experience primarily shows up and embraces the emotions of doubt and lack of confidence. But the really big challenge is that it can literally stop your life in its tracks.

How often have you read a book or a website post, watched a video, or even attended a seminar and been lifted to a new level of enthusiasm believing that the information and ideas you have just been exposed to are the answer to all your problems, your dreams are now within reach and you can feel yourself being propelled forward by this new input.

But how long are you able to hold onto this new-found enthusiasm?

Until the end of the day maybe, the end of the week or maybe two weeks? By which time does your skepticism, possibly based on true or more likely imagined past events, start to put the doubts into your mind, and your confidence gently slides away and you convince yourself that maybe it wasn’t the wonderful answer to your hopes and wishes that you first thought it was.

And then to cap it all the skepticism starts to be magnified by that critical voice inside your head and before you know it you will have filed the information away, and you continue your search for the next exciting answer to put you on the road to success.

I can talk with a high degree of certainty on the subject because I went through this very scenario for a number of years.

And I know of other people doing exactly the same thing.

What you end up with is a shelf full of half read books, a hard drive full of PDF files and perhaps both free and purchased memberships and programs that have sold you on the belief that this is the one, no need to look any further.

But unfortunately you do continue to look further and the days, months and years slip by and you realize you have not progressed on the journey to your dreams and goals.

Then surprise surprise at some point in the future an email arrives in your inbox with a tantalizing subject line and you excitedly open it and there is a link to the latest idea to move you forward. You click and download it and start to absorb the content and suddenly reality hits.

I’ve read this before a long while ago, maybe in a slightly different form but the substance is the same.

You were excited the first time you saw it and you are excited all over again.

Then you start to think if you thought it was good last time then why didn’t you pursue it? Now you remember your skepticism set in last time and you discarded the whole idea.

You will probably do the same this time as well, unless you make the commitment to change and adopt a new habit to choose a path, an idea, a concept that you enthuse about and focus on it until you prove whether it will work for you or not.

And with this approach you run a serious risk that you will prove it was a great idea or concept that does work for you and then you truly on your way to living the life of your dreams.

The important word in amongst all this is FOCUS.

Let’s take the letters that make the word to form an acrostic. And what do you get?

Follow One Course Until Successful.

To achieve this, deal with the skepticism when it raises its ugly head and develop the courage to take action on a daily basis, keep your focus and the path you seek will appear ahead of you.

I’d love to here your thoughts in the comments box below.


“Your Habits Control Your Life – But You Control Your Habits
You Can Take Back Control of Your Life”